Thursday, April 13, 2006

JB Meets an Alcoholic

What is up? So i am back blogging after a long slumber. I am sure y'all would have read a few of my other peeps who blogged about the weekend in JB, well here is my account. There is nothing much to say except that i got so drunk i was sloshed. We went to JB to attend our colleague's engagement, the engagement was wonderful due to many reasons, one of which was of course the free flow of alcohol.

We reached JB at about 4PM or so and headed straight for the hotel which was The Zone Regency hotel (formerly known as Eden Garden). The best part of this hotel is that it sits on a duty free zone which means that LIQUOR IS DIRT CHEAP.

So anyway, after we checked in we headed for the mall which houses shops such as mini marts, chocolate shops, cigar and wine shops as well as a supermarket. When we entered the first shop which was a convenience store, we noticed a 500ml can of Heineken and guess was only RM4.60. Devan and i immediately grabbed a can each. So after the account with the alcohol we had a late lunch or well more of an early dinner actually. After that we hit the lounge of the hotel which was beautifully lit and the time could not be more beautiful as well as it was happy hours. We found out that a jug of beer was about RM33 and guess what, it comes with another jug free woooohooooo. But anyway I ordered stout which was about RM10 a PINT and it comes with another FREE PINT. I managed to only drink 1 PINT and let Suben have the other as I was so tired by then because i did not have enough sleep after work.

Once we were done drinking we got ready to attend our colleague, Remy's birthday party (yeap this is the same colleague who was getting engaged). After the account at the lounge we head for the club where we were to celebrate the birthday party. When we reached, we were greeted with bottles and bottles of Chivas!!! So we drank and drank till a point Suben asked my girlfriend Komathi to fake a story to get us out but Komathi was enjoying looking at us get drunk refused to cooperate and thus Suben named her the Devil :D...

When the day was over we all went back and slept as we had to get up early the next day to attend the engagement in the Sikh Temple. About 9AM the next day we got up and i dressed up in my Jippa (Indian Traditional suit) and waited for the rest to get ready. So we headed out to the Temple and when we reached, we met Anthony and Teo who started from PJ on that same day they seemed to have reached faster than us who were in JB a day earlier. The engagement went well.

After the engagement we head back to the hotel and I was frantically looking for a toilet as the toilet in the room was let's say NOT INDIAN FRIENDLY!!!! It did not have a washer and the other toilets near the mall were too dirty. So i held everything in :P... So anyway after the quest for the toilet, Devan, Tasha, Komathi and I head for the lounge where we met up with Remy's friends who were there drinking and we not wanting to be left out, joined the drinking party :D.

After umpteen jugs of beers we all headed up to the rooms to get ready for the engagement ceremony on the brides side. Finally we were at the bride's side ceremony and guess what, flow of beer!!! At the ceremony, I met Remy's FiancĂ©e’s dad, what a wonderful and funny man he was, Devan and I fell in love with him (not in a gay way). We ended up drinking and drinking and drinking, till i was so drunk, I don't remember how I got home.

So as i was sleeping, i woke all of a sudden at 6AM and woke my girlfriend up and asked her...oh shit! Did we miss the engagement, and she was like all drowsy and said...NO..GO TO SLEEP... I was scared shitless cause I could not remember much of the previous night i was so freaked, somehow I managed to go back to sleep after wandering the hotel on my own looking for a lighter 'cause i had lost mine.

Anyway as we woke the next day for breakfast I realized I had a swollen throat so bad that I could feel my Uvula pressing on the back of my throat, thanks to the smoking I did the night before. So as we head to the lounge area for breakfast, i hand my breakfast slip to the hostess at the restaurant she asks me where is the other slip as the breakfast is for 2, so i said, the front desk only gave me one, and she calls the front desk and tells me that breakfast is for one, I told her that i was here yesterday and breakfast was for 2, she goes on to argue no breakfast is for one, I told her that I am appalled by her behaviour and also asked her if this is the treatment i get when I am a guest at a 5 star hotel (well now i know why other guests rated it only as a 3 star hotel) anyway, after what i said the hostess told me to have a seat, later when i went to have a smoke the floor manager approached me and apologized saying that the front desk had made a mistake, well that was a relief as i did not feel guilty for throwing a tantrum at the hostess.

After breakfast we all went to our respective rooms and got ready to check out. Once we checked out we headed over to Danga Bay for lunch. I still could not eat much due to my massive hangover. That's about all that happened that wonderful weekend thanks to Remy and friends as well.