Friday, June 08, 2012

Pangkor (with pictures)

Recently I went to Pangkor for a day trip and honestly, I found it overrated. There is nothing much to see on the island apart from the Dutch Fort and of course the beaches. We completed a tour of the island within 1 1/2 hours. I was disappointed with the attractions but the beaches were awesome.

To be honest if you're going there to sight see, then abandon all plans. If you are going there to relax and chill by the beach with a beer and a good book, then this will be your destination.

I do not want to write too much because there are many pictures to see and I will leave you with them.

Some of the pictures are from Lumut.

A chair... yes, it is...Lumut Valley Resort

Probably a necessity now - Lumut Valley Resort

Kapchai - Lumut Valley Resort

Kapchai from another angle is still a kapchai - Lumut Valley Resort

Bunga - Lumut Valley Resort

Patriotic - Lumut Valley Resort

Being vain - Lumut Valley Resort

Could not resist it - Lumut Valley Resort

Jetty - Lumut

Self explanatory - Lumut

Pangkor Jetty (if you could not read) - Pangkor

An apparatus to make sure you don't walk into a wall - Pangkor

A similar apparatus but on a bigger scale - Pangkor

The Dutch were here - Pangkor

This would have been the view if The Dutch were hiding and peeking at the enemy - Pangkor

a misaligned photo - Fishing Boats, Pangkor

I have no idea what this is - Pangkor

I am slightly religious - Hindu Temple, Pangkor

Finally the beach - Pangkor

Heard that if you trek around this beach, there is a place filled with back-pakers. Normally, we would call it detention centers. Only thing is, these guys have valid travel documents.

A well aligned photo - Jetty, Pangkor

The Ferry - Pangkor

Heads - Pangkor

Another Jetty - Pangkor

A view of the island - Sea

Stilts - Sea

Boat - Sea

More of the island - Pangkor

A man made thing on a god made rock - Sea

Ripples... don't read it wrong...pervs... - Sea

Luckily, there was no use for this - Sea

Lumut ahead... I think - Sea

Not too sure what island is this - Pangkor

The Boat - Sea

Sky vs. Sea - See

As I do not have permission from the parents of this child, I could not reveal his identity - Lumut

Patriotic again - Lumut

Okay, on a serious note, this chopper was doing a search and rescue I believe- Lumut

View from our apartment - Lumut

Another view - Lumut

Rumah Kampong - Setiawan

Dusk - Setiawan

Sunday, June 03, 2012

History of Muntri Street, PG

Taken at Lebuh Muntri (南华医院街)