Wednesday, January 18, 2012

England - Compilation of Pictures

Here is a small compilations of pictures from my business trip to England in 2010. I have more in my possession but I am not done editing it.Yenjoy!!!

Let's start off with a nice chilled draught of Guinness, shall we. Shot at the hotel pub in the town of Rugby where I stayed during my trip.

Here is the town center (high street) with a nice looking clock tower. Rugby is the town where the game of Rugby was invented by William Webb Elliss. He invented the game whilst playing football and decided to pick up the ball and run instead of kicking it. He is definitely epic!

Another view of the quiet town of Rugby.

This here is the town Church.

This is a thatched cottage and this is something that would come to everyone's mind when you mention England. This was taken in the village of Dunchurch about 5KM from Rugby.

This is the view of the thatched roof of the cottage. If you notice, there is a replica of a cat on the roof which is actually a signature of the person who designed the roof so it could be of any animal and in this case, it is a cat.

A typical pub in the village. This is in Dunchurch as well where we gulped several chilled ones.

A statue of William Webb Elliss, The Legend!

London! A random street view. spent a day there during the weekend. I have more pictures of London but I will save it for later. This was my second time in London and I have always loved London. I guess it is because of the fact that it is easy to get around.

A recipe for disaster. Taken at a pub in Trafalgar Square.

And finally, the Tower Bridge! This is not London Bridge, our kindergarten teachers lied to us! London Bridge is an ordinary bridge and is insignificant.

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