Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My son is teething so I'm driving!

My 9 month old son has started to teeth and he ain't a happy guy. Dude just got his lower incisors and I believe he's in pain. Due to this he cannot fall asleep and keeps crying.

It is not easy for a parent to see their offspring in pain. You try to do everything but it just does not help. He is not a difficult baby, in fact he is a joy to be with. Just that this occurrence, isn't something that a parent can sit and watch.

One tip that our pediatrician shared was to take a drive with the baby to calm them down and eventually lull them to sleep.

That is the reason I am still up because I just came back from a drive before my previous one which was a success. This was successful too but this happened because I had to pick him up to feed him and the little dude was not too pleased! I woke the sleeping lion!

But good thing though; I get to use this excuse to blog and I would be grateful to the other parents out there who could share a tip or two with me on how else to deal with this situation without having to be a security guard on duty!

Good night ;)

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Veggies Strike Back

Hello all. Your friendly neighborhood farmer is back.

This is an update for the vegetables that I am planting for personal consumption.

The plants have so far made some good progress. The Okras have grown taller whilst the eggplant and lettuce are still about the same height. I read that Okras grow very fast and can produce fruit in about 3 months whilst the other two take some time.

As you would or would not have read last week, I included two other plants which are tomato and chili. Therefore now I have 3 plants that are of the nightshade family (eggplant, tomato and chili) this is evident as their leaves look almost similar and for untrained professionals like me, you may not be able to tell the difference until much later.

Also as I mentioned before about getting rid of some of the extra plants that were growing, well, I had to finally do it for the Okra as some of them had their stems bent and this would not help their growth so I had to weed them out which was quite sad. Okra do not like overwatering and that could be the reason why their stems could have started to rot and bend. I made a mistake while planting because I should not have had the lettuce and okra in the same pot. Both need different amounts of water and watering methods.

So there you have, choose your crops wisely before planting.

I will leave y'all with the pictures:

Okra, brinjal and lettuce.

Chili and tomato; the chili is a little bit slow to catch up.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Projek Sayur!

An update on my personal project of becoming a farmer at home.

I have captured some pictures of my crops that have grown quite well over the week.

If you do not know what i am talking about, read the previous post, if you are as lazy as me to scroll down, then I shall brief you here. I started a small project planting vegetables for personal consumption. I have just started this for about a week now and u have no idea if it would bear any fruits at all. If it does, then everyone can be a farmer ;)

The progress the plants have made are not that much except for the okra where it has started to sprout new leaves and as for the brinjal and lettuce, they still look the same as last week. I am skeptical about the lettuce because it needs a colder climate and I do not exactly live in Camerons or Genting. Anyhow, I hope I succeed.

The next part will be to get rid of the other plants that are not growing very well. As you can see, there are many of each plant, ideally, there is only supposed to be one of each. Therefore, I have to wait to see which one of each plant grows the best and weed out the rest. It would be a painful process not for the plant but me because I have to choose the best and personally think all of them are heroes for making it this far!

Over the weekend as well, I decided to start on 2 other vegetables which are chilies and tomatoes. They have not started to germinate but I believe it would be soon. Based on my experience through my mom's endevour's planting chili and various other veggies, chili has a good chance of bearing fruit.

Chilies are important to me because my meals have to be spicy. Got chili, will eat!

As I mentioned before, I will keep you posted on the progress of my farming. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures below whilst I go play plants vs. Zombies which is one of the inspirations of this project. Zombies, stay away... I have a pet werewolf! Disclaimer: I do not know if werewolves will trash a zombie in a real fight!


Those weird stuff that you see in the pic is compost, a cheap way too. I use the leftover of the vegetable that I used to cook for example, onion/garlic skin, apple shavings, carrot shavings, etc. To make the compost. So there you go, you can recycle that too.

Them okra showing off their new leaves.

Them brinjals and lettuce think they are toys r us kids 'cause they don't want to grow up.

New addition to the family, chili (top) and tomatoes.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Farmville Smarmville; I am a real Farmer!

I have picked up a new hobby and potentially I will be able to literally reap what I sow!

Yes, my fellow reader(s)... I have picked up gardening. Some said I have grown old too fast but hey, I am married with a kid and need to save where possible so I started planting vegetables.

So far I have planted 3 types of vegetables and they have already sprouted within a week. The vegetables are okra, eggplant and lettuce.

The investment is very low; long pot - RM19, seeds - RM2 each, soil - RM10, effort - RM0 and it includes a whole lot of love.

It is really interesting to see them grow but I am not too sure if they will start producing so I will update this blog with the progress of their growth weekly. Till then, here are some pictures:

Okra's have started to sprout

Lettuce have started to sprout

Brinjals still no show

Brinjal finally caught up

All sprouted and Okra in the lead!

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Here's a go at a fictional piece

Disclaimer: this is a fictional piece from my twisted mind and bears no resemblance to anyone dead or alive or planning to kill themselves or who thinks they are the one in this fictional write up. I take no responsibility to those who are reading this blog and get annoyed, agitated, blind, deaf, mute or completely fail to use their senses, after this line. Should you want to stop reading, this is where you STOP.

On July 9th I decide to go into KL to catch the new transformers flick at pavilion.

Whilst getting ready, I realize I have run out of some good shirts to wear except for my orange yet faded Stussy shirt that I got for one of my birthdays aeons ago.

Two points to note
1. Why Pavilion: because I have never been there and I would like to go there. Tak boley ka?
2. Why orange of all colours: no other shirt...period!

So anyway, I am all geared up to watch those sexy robots in action and hop into my car and drive my arse there when I get stuck in a road block.

As I approach the block I get a little uneasy because yellow cars are getting pulled over (no, in my mind my car is not yellow, it is a silver Lamborghini and it has pink curtains). The reason I got uneasy is because there were many yellow cars and I am getting late for the movie which I pre-booked 6 years ago (this is my imagination, get your own!)

When it came to my turn to be checked, I was asked to get down by the gentleman in blue and I was like what the f*** (oh, fuck it, I just said fuck, okay.., fuck duck, fuck a duck, there I said it)

So the negotiations begin

Me: selamat pagi 'cik,
Officer: Pagi ape? Dah pukul 3 petang kau dok cakap pagi!
Me: Maaf 'cik, Saya baru bangun, kira ni pagi lagi 'cik untuk saya. Lagipun, kenapa saya kena tahan, 'cik?
Officer: eh, kau jangan dok buat pandai, dah pakai baju kuning, kau boleh tanya lagi buat salah ape?!
Me: saya bukannya bijak sangat, 'cik, SPM pun kira lepai saja...
Officer: mulut tu jage skit; awak tak tahu kenapa awak kena tahan?
Me: Tak tau 'cik...
Officer: hari ni hari demo BERSIH, kau ingat aku tak tau agenda kau?
Me: 'cik pun tau yang saya nak pi tengok transformers? 'cik ni part time bomoh ka?!
Officer: jangan cakap banyak, ikut pergi balai sekarang!
Me: Kenapa 'cik? Saya tak buat salah apa-apa pun!
Officer: yang kau pakai baju kuning ni apehal?
Me: Ni jingga 'cik!
Officer: kau ingat aku bodoh ke?
Me: mungkin, ' sorry, tak, 'cik. Tapi saya bersumpah 'cik, ni unggu... Eh, sorry, jingga. Cuma warnanya dah luntur pasai dah cuci berpuluh kali nak bagi Bersih.
Officer: aku tak kisah, kau ikut pergi balai sekarang, kalau tak, aku tambah lagi kes atas nama kau bahawa awak menahan pegawai menjalankan tugas!
Me: tapi 'cik ni jing...
Officer: jangan banyak bising! Ikut pegawai tu skarang!
Me: ni, jinggaaaaaaaaaaa

I was put into the patrol car and taken to the station to have my statement taken. Knowing that I was a little dim, they released me after I agreed to take my shirt off and show off manliness. I had to call my wife to pick me up and bring some change of clothes. I then wore a pink (my favourite colour) towel over my top half and left the station only to be greeted by a swarm of journalists.

Next day in the news:

Man detained for wearing 'yellow'

Kuala Lumpur, A 30 year old man was detained yesterday for wearing what is believed to be a yellow t-shirt.

The man, originally from Penang was detained because he was suspected to have the intension of taking part in a rally in the heart of the city.

The man was the released 3 hours later after he had agreed to remove his shirt which caused some amount of public discomfort.

When approached the man, he had only this to say "orange is not yellow!!!"

Moral of the story: we wash our clothes to be BERSIH. But some people just want it to be Kotor!

Real Moral of the Story: orange is not yellow!!!

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

My tribute to BERSIH 2.0

Video tribute for Bersih

Artiste: Bone Thugs N Harmony
Title: Change the world

Please read the lyrics and excuse the language though I believe any kids would even bother reading my blog or even anyone as a matter of fact.

I have posted this before but it makes so much more sense in the situation we are in


"Change The World (U-Neek's Remix)"
(feat. Big B)

[Big B]
Raisin' hustlas thieves and prostitutes
Young homie think before you shoot

It's a crazy mixed up world
It's the end of the world
It's a crazy mixed up world
'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

[Bizzy Bone]
And trouble may come and sometimes
You'll get pulled over by one time
And when the 1999 rewinds
Didn't even make any strides
Murder all around the whole world it's nauseatin'
Everybody's hatin' everybody over rated
While everybody actin' agitated
I thought we graduated back in the sattle waitin'
Aboard the battle stations
Hation is a birth defect
And you know ain't nobody perfect
And when the curtains close
Open up the doors
No more

[Big B]
See we're losin' this world we love
And it looks like the sinnin' won't end
So I'm reachin' high up above
Lord let your blessins begin
And let's change the world

[Krayzie Bone]
Sometimes I sit and think about if I could change the world
Get in the mind of the little boys and girls
Show 'em that it is a better way
Satan got you trippin' don't listen to what the devil say
'Cause he can deceive ya
Play with your brain and mislead ya
But it won't be long
'Til the angels come
There's no where to hide but he'll run
Babylon the great has fallen
God is callin'
We all in y'all in
Souljahs go marchin' in bombin' 'em
But this time we ain't talkin'
We are tryin' to hit the target we launchin'
Police brutality got to cease
But I see the NYPD don't want peace
And the LAPD don't weant peace
So we'll never be free
So come on

[Layzie Bone]
Everyday the devil at me
And I wish the lord would throw a Hummer at me
I ain't happy
Me and Eazy-E in the B-E-N-Z
With my niggas right next to me it's my legacy
We can't let it stop us uh uh not now
The whole world endin' up in buck buck pow
Corruption destruction disaster
Everybody tryin' to rap faster than the master
Oh lord could you save my soul
Nigga tryin' to go platinum around forty years old
The lord knows we can do this shit
And ain't no stoppin' us know 'cause we can prove this shit
Nigga me Stew D PD Freaky G
The whole world wanna be a rappin' with me
I'm in the flesh
Let's talk about sex
Babies havin' babies generation-x
With the AIDS epidemic we ain't pure no more
And I know they gotta kill for the shit we ain't ready
First we lost Eazy then we lost Pac
Biggie got killed when the shit gon' stop
Everybody wanna know what's goin' on
With the Thuggish Ruggish Bone
Tryin' to be prepared for the Y2K
And if I don't die today
I'm tryin' to change the world

[Wish Bone]
You need a lesson you can learn from rappin'
But they tried to ban it realize it ain't gon' happen
We done changed the world
Ghetto voices bein' heard and fed
Now I got my guns better arm yourselves
Most don't have a clue
If it goes down what to do
Don't you know this government ain't worth for me and you
I have a dream no I have a wish
If we can't save ourselves then let's aid our kids
Let the world go home
Let these babies have somethin'
Let the world go home
Just don't blow this motherfucka up
You kill him he'll kill you
Some say it's stupid but violence really lives where I come from
Hungry little kids where I come from
Thugs like me where I come from

We only got 'til the end of time (we got to the end of time)
To change the world (we shall overcome) change the world the world [x2]

It's a crazy mixed up world
It's the end of the world
It's a crazy mixed up world
'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Good Laugh for the Weekend

This week I had to look for hooks to hang the picture frames for my new place and I had run out of those sophisticated hooks or I had lost them when moving because I am pretty sure I had some amount of surplus.

So anyway, I was too lazy (as usual) to drive to the hypermart next door to look for these stuff and also I decided to give business to the small business owners so that they can sustain their business, but unfortunately they did not have what I wanted (checked at least 2 stores).**

however, I had a good laugh reading the instructions that was printed on one of the items I found; to be specific I was looking for hooks that had steel nails on them but the ones I found were the ones with adhesives. Anyway, the instructions are available in the pictures below and I am not going to spoil the fun.

** please support your local small businesses. Big corporations come in and kill these businesses and simple people like you and me cannot make a living through businesses. Make the "the kedai runcit" next door your first priority before heading to a large supermart.

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