Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Veggies Strike Back

Hello all. Your friendly neighborhood farmer is back.

This is an update for the vegetables that I am planting for personal consumption.

The plants have so far made some good progress. The Okras have grown taller whilst the eggplant and lettuce are still about the same height. I read that Okras grow very fast and can produce fruit in about 3 months whilst the other two take some time.

As you would or would not have read last week, I included two other plants which are tomato and chili. Therefore now I have 3 plants that are of the nightshade family (eggplant, tomato and chili) this is evident as their leaves look almost similar and for untrained professionals like me, you may not be able to tell the difference until much later.

Also as I mentioned before about getting rid of some of the extra plants that were growing, well, I had to finally do it for the Okra as some of them had their stems bent and this would not help their growth so I had to weed them out which was quite sad. Okra do not like overwatering and that could be the reason why their stems could have started to rot and bend. I made a mistake while planting because I should not have had the lettuce and okra in the same pot. Both need different amounts of water and watering methods.

So there you have, choose your crops wisely before planting.

I will leave y'all with the pictures:

Okra, brinjal and lettuce.

Chili and tomato; the chili is a little bit slow to catch up.

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