Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My son is teething so I'm driving!

My 9 month old son has started to teeth and he ain't a happy guy. Dude just got his lower incisors and I believe he's in pain. Due to this he cannot fall asleep and keeps crying.

It is not easy for a parent to see their offspring in pain. You try to do everything but it just does not help. He is not a difficult baby, in fact he is a joy to be with. Just that this occurrence, isn't something that a parent can sit and watch.

One tip that our pediatrician shared was to take a drive with the baby to calm them down and eventually lull them to sleep.

That is the reason I am still up because I just came back from a drive before my previous one which was a success. This was successful too but this happened because I had to pick him up to feed him and the little dude was not too pleased! I woke the sleeping lion!

But good thing though; I get to use this excuse to blog and I would be grateful to the other parents out there who could share a tip or two with me on how else to deal with this situation without having to be a security guard on duty!

Good night ;)

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