Friday, March 30, 2012

Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Don’t you just love election time? For me it is like Christmas although it only comes once in five years but it is like Christmas for me nevertheless. The reason I say so is because there is so much excitement, so much of hype and not to mention the streets being lined with each party’s flags.

The best part of it all is the mudslinging from both the divides. Sometimes it reminds me of monkeys throwing faeces at each other because the shots that some politicians decide to take are so stupid that I feel how did these people get elected in the first place. At the same time, the promises that are made during this time as well, gives me a certain excitement because it is a good time to place a bet to see  whether the politicians’ promises will be implemented or not. You got 5 years to pay up to the winner; I say this is a good deal.

The most recent promise by PR is the cancellation of PTPTN which I think it is a little bit too farfetched. Good that education should be free but we are being told that the revenue from Petronas can fund the education. Really? But for how long? These are the things that I have mentioned before that we need to be critical about Pakatan if they come into power. If you promise something, make sure it is delivered. Don’t just do lip service and then once you really form the government, everything promised is forgotten and the rakyat become suckers again.

Another thing that annoys the hell out of me are the issues that are being highlighted in parliament. In developed countries, lawmakers are talking about the economy, how to alleviate the well being of the society and you know, important stuff. Here, our lawmakers are talking about rehabilitating gay people. Now, seriously, gay people… I DON’T GIVE TWO SHITS about who’s bonking who. How does rehabilitating gay people help me in any way? See with issues like this brought up in the parliament, I think we should be smart enough to know if our reps should be reelected.

Although my mind is already made up on voting pakatan in just to give them a chance to see if they really mean business and commit to real reforms, I would also like them to know, that I can vote them out as well. So please, if you too are going to bring up shitty motions in parliament like rehabilitating gay people, I swear to god, you will be voted out. Please do not make us look stupid to the eyes of the world.

Having said all that, I urge everyone to please register yourself as a voter. It does not take too long, it can be done in post offices and it is free. Remember that it is all in your hands. Don’t sit down and complain about the shit you see but not do anything. Let’s come out beramai-ramai and vote! Merry Christmas!

Nice Cold One!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sheezay’s State 9: Kambathu Rapper Album Review

Artiste: Sheezay
Album: Kambathu Rapper
Affiliates: Pysho.Unit
Number of Tracks:  12(Including Intro and Outro)

Before I begin, I have to admit that I am a sucker forMalaysian made rap music and that that too Tamil rap music. I went out a coupleof weeks ago and bought several local Albums and one that stood out was Sheezay’sKambathu Rapper. It is indeed a refreshing album so I am going to breakdown thealbum blow for blow based on the tracks on the Album. This is a long piece sobrace yourselves. If you want to skip the commentary on each song then scrollright down to the last paragraph :)

The Album starts off with the intro (duh!) where we haveSheezay dropping a power packed verse introducing himself as the KambathuRapper which literally means village rapper or rapper kampong. The title for hisalbum itself is unique and not to mention hilarious. Those psycho unit guyshave a way of keeping their fans entertained.

The next track is called Shoot the Kili and is through andthrough against piracy. The message is delivered comically through a song witha female vocalist (Shobana Nair) adlibbing Sheezay. One of the verses in thetrack mentions Sheezay’s parents asking him not to do an Album and instead toget a job. This is something that I can very well relate to when I was in thescene. Shoot the Kili has to be one of my favourite tracks on the album as themessage is clear and talks about the struggle of artistes. If this album isstill pirated, I really do not know what else to say about the idiots outthere.

Track three is called Rockaboy which is Sheezay’s alternatenickname and it talks about, well… Sheezay. Additional vocals on this track areCandyman who is also a member of Psycho.Unit. I love the beats on this track;nice strong kicks and snares and the arrangement is excellent. Just like amajority of the tracks on the album, this is another track you would be able tohave a good laugh especially the line “thongarathu thinggirathukku thaa”, verynicely sneaked into the flow of the lyrics. Listen to it and you will know whatI mean.

Pavakanakasakathaanseiyum is a long title for a song and itis also the fourth track of the album. It features Candyman who dominates mostof the track. The track talks about love and its pitfalls. Candyman is theprotagonist on this track. It starts off with Sheezay and Candyman having aconversation with regards to couples committing suicide due to love failures… acommon thing in our community. So Candyman goes on to explain that nobody isperfect and we would all take opportunities of each other so be a little bitwiser in relationships. One of the verses also advises the listener not to belike tamil movie heroes which is indeed true because in a majority of Tamilmovies, it is love or bust. You fail in love, kill yourself! Kudos to theseguys for sending the right message to our youth.

The fifth track on this album is called Indian Monster; nottoo sure why though but anyway it is a fully English track. Although most ofthe songs in the album are mixed with English and Malay colloquial terms butthis track features full English verses by Rabbit and Rubba.Bend who are bothfrom Psycho.Unit. Rubba.Bend I believe is the latest addition to thePsycho.Unit team and I must say it is refreshing to hear a female Tamil rapper(I know it is an English track but you will learn later why I say female TamilEmcee). The track is about partying. Quite a number of words in this track are backmasked if you know what I mean :D

The following track is called Puppy Love and I guaranteeyou, you will sing a long after several times of listening to it and not tomention laugh your arse off. I must add that this Sheezay dude can also sing.The song is as the title suggests; puppy love. He speaks about how he fell inlove when he was 15 with a kambathu ponnu (village girl) and I am not going tospoil the song for you. If this song had a favourite icon, I would click it.

Fly Tamizhans really shows Sheezay’s talent as a rapperbecause when I first heard him on the Rabbit and Friendz album, his verse inChakra Sonic’s track really impressed me because of the fast paced lyrics whichis quite hard to do in Tamil because you need some very good pronunciationskills. This track has a combo of rappers namely Rabbit, MC Syze andStylomannavan. Stylomannavan and Sheezay used to be in the same rap groupcalled Diwan.

Next on the list is Forever. This track features Daddy Shaqwho was formerly from Rockgawave and this guy has an excellent voice. Themelody on the chorus will make you sing along to it. Sheezay’s lyric writingskill is quite evident on this track and it is in contrast to the rest of thesongs where the lyrics are playful and a lot of colloquial terms are used. However,on this track the lyrics are mature and deep. I am one person who pays detailsto lyrics and on this song, Sheezay has proven that he is indeed a goodlyricist which is key in being a rapper in my honest opinion.

Track number nine is called Kambathu Swagger featuringHaricharan who is an Indian playback singer and when I say Indian, he is fromIndia not Malaysia. He is quite well known in the Indian movie scene as aplayback singer so believe me, this track is definitely dope! “kambathuRamarajan pole naanum vazhnthavan….”

Ghetto Disco was Sheezay’s promo track on the album Rabbitand Friendz. It features Rabbit and it is yet another comically written track. Theintro to the song is enough to make you laugh and the lyrics that follow goeswithout saying. If this song were to be played in a club, it would be on firebecause of the amount of bass in this song.

Finally the highlight of the album “M.O.D” featuring theentire Psycho.Unit crew is one savadi track.M.O.D stands for Mande Odi Dance which means the otak tak center dance. The CDinlay explains how to do the M.O.D. I am still trying to do the M.O.D but it makesme look mental…so am not too sure if I failed or succeeded. The entire Psycho.Unitcrew on this track that consists of Rabbit, Rubba.Bend, Vikadakvi, Crime Minista, Candyman and Daddy Shaq. Remember when I saidearlier on that it was refreshing to hear a female Tamil Emcee, here Rubba.Bendraps in Tamil, at least a little bit. I like damaging my car stereo with thissong, I am pretty sure at least one speaker is torn.

I am not going to spoil the outro to the album. Buy andlisten!

Overall, this album is a must have for all local musiclovers. It is very creatively done and sends a strong message. The only qualm Ihad with the album was that there was too much of talking on some of the tracksbut it should not be a reason not to buy this album. You will not regret asingle cent you paid for the album. It is only RM25 so please I beg you,support your local music scene otherwise, we will never hear from these guysagain. This album deserves 8 out of 10 stars.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Why I write

My blog has always been a platform for me to rant. I do get some amount of readers whom I am happy with because as long as I have some amount of readers, my message gets across at least to a handful. I do not demand that anyone agree to my views in fact I encourage discussion

**My article on Tamil movies drew some flak from even my family members namely my mother. She told me that the article was unfair because Indians enjoy songs in the film and they want a package when they watch a movie. I do agree and at the same time, I was not saying that songs should not be there as well. I support songs to be in an OST format. Have songs but it should not affect the continuity of the movie. My main point about Tamil movies is that some of the scenes defy logic and the viewers should not be taken for a ride. It doesn’t matter who watches the movie, people should be treated equally and not have their intelligence mocked. Movies, especially Tamil movies should serve as a medium to educate the people and to encourage people to think. Likewise, my writings are intended to encourage thought, discussion and even criticism. I am always ready to be stood corrected.

I want to make a difference through my writings. Whether I create a tsunami or whether I create a ripple in the water, it is still change; it is still an alteration of the status quo. I have started a page in facebook for my blog not to gain popularity but so that I can get a larger audience to share my view with. This is where I seek your favour to pass the word around about my blog. My blog will need some amount of advertising at the moment and if people like my writings, they will return and that would mean success and appreciation for me because people like my work and that is what every writer, artistes, entertainers, etc. would want; it serves as a gauge on how well they have done.

Having said the above, I would like to thank those of you who frequent my site. I track the activities on my site almost on a daily basis and would like to let you know if the returning visitor margin increases as per the image below, I would be one happy camper. At the moment, the new visits are topping the chart which is good but they need to stay and be converted to returning ones J that is my goal.

**Making movies is the prerogative of the film maker. They are free to make whatever movies but please no dodging a bullet with circus moves or 1 man facing a whole kampong of mad men prancing around with parangs! Those are so 1970s. Majulah filem untuk Negara… India.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Walking in the Rain Will Not Kill You

 Have your parents ever restricted you from walking in the rain or tell you not to drink iced water? If they have not then good, you’re lucky. However if they have, then this article will be beneficial to you. I was and still am being told not to get wet in the rain because I may catch the flu. This is far from true and there are no claims to substantiate this. Although walking in thunderstorms is a different thing altogether*

** I may not be a medical doctor but I believe I did learn enough in school to know that the flu is caused by viruses i.e. bird flu (H5N1) and also the famous demam babi or A H1N1. Some argue that it is because the rain weakens you immune system and makes you more prone to catching the flu. I do not believe that this is something that has been proven.  I can tell you that I have not gotten sick from getting wet in the rain, ever.

Not too sure if you have heard the one where they say that you get pneumonia from bathing and sleeping right after. Still trying to find out how they coined that one.

Another thing that annoys me is the argument that drinking iced water makes you catch flu. Again, show me the evidence and I might be convinced. I have drank iced water almost all my life and not gotten sick as compared to people drinking volcano hot drinks getting sick from the flu every month. It absolutely annoys me when arguments are made without any solid proof.

Please do not take my writing as the gospel truth but if you are willing to prove me wrong, I am more than happy to agree with you if you can show me some amount of proof. I believe if you doubt something, ask and do some amount of research and do not just believe what people tell you; in the words of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, “When in doubt… fuck!” So go out there… get wet in the rain and go ahead and enjoy that nice ice cold drink; as a matter of fact, enjoy it in the rain!

*don’t mess with lightning! Nuff’ said!

** The part about not walking in the rain is purely out in rain water and not to be confused with playing in a flood. Playing in a flood can do 4 things:
  1.  Kill you by washing you away through strong currents
  2. Make you sick and also potentially kill you by waterborne bacteria such as leptospira that causes  leptospirosis.
  3. Get eaten by a crocodile
  4. Friends drowning you because you’re an arse

So yeah, they were at least right about playing in flood water.