Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Take on Alvin and Vivian

Since the news is so panas in the press and cyberspace, I decided to take a shot at it as well. The blog Scrumptious Erotica has gained notoriety that it was required to be shut down by the couple. If you asked me if I would do something like that, I would definitely say no because I think it is ridiculous. But, that is just me. Should they have done it, well, that is their call really. If they are comfortable with it, then, fine go ahead. Who are we to judge the morality of others. Where do we draw the line when it comes to morality? Who are we to be the moral police? An example would be me; I cuss and swear on my blog but to me, I think that is a fair conduct. I am just expressing myself. You don't like it, you don't read it. Simple. Sure, I post the link on Twitter and Facebook and sure, I send invites for you to like my page. But, hey, don't read it or subscribe to it if you don't like it. It's not like if you don't like, subscribe or read my rantings, a child will die in Africa.

Likewise, what Alvin and Vivian had done are purely based on what they think is right and to them I honestly think they are not bothered. They wanted attention, they got it. Mission accomplished. The repercussions are secondary. It is not as though they're forcing it on you to watch their sexcapades. Watch it if you like. If you think that it is not for you then, why gatal pungkok wanting to watch it? That's hypocrisy right there. If you think what they did was immoral, why watch it? Curios? well fine but you knew what was coming because you would have seen the "dumbed down" images but no, you want to see the juicier ones. So how can one claim to be morally greater than the couple? This also applies for homosexuality. No one is forcing homosexuality on you. No one is asking you to rear end another dude. What the homosexuals are asking is just for their rights. If you deny their rights, that is a greater sin because you are denying the very fundamentals of being human; to have human rights.

You may argue that this couple are airing their views publicly via their blog so you have the rights of freedom of speech/expression. I agree 100% and at the same time, if this couple refuse to apologise for what they feel is not wrong, then please, do not force them to comply to you.

All I would say is, leave them alone and as long as no law was broken, then no one should judge them (pun very much intended).


Sherkarl Kugan said...

Ermmm bro... my point of view... i see it in two ways...

1. why should they post it on the web something that is meant to keep in the 4 walls of the bedroom. Sex, well correct me if i am wrong... since u are married.. well again yeah.. SEX is something sacred. Sex after marriage is sacred thing.. before marriage its purely out of lust. Therefore (ermm im not sure.. are they married? or couples?) ermm so which ever is applicable lah.

2. Well yeah they can be attention seekers... the talk of the town... trying something new. Something no malaysians had tried before i guess. And some guyz get the chance to lepas gian, may be, i dont know.

But the thing is again, why they should do like this? just to sell of their sextape and get some cheap publicity? well me not judging but just a thought to ponder upon...

thats all bro.. i rest my case.. ;)

vicknesharajan amarthalingam said...

okay, bro... will debate your points.

1. You and I feel that sex should be kept within the four walls and yes, I do not want my sex life to be public. However, these people do not have that concern and want to share it. That is their choice. Again, we should not impose what we feel upon others. Sex after marriage is still lust if it is not making babies because it is still pleasure. What you are trying to say is that marriage is a license for sex.

2. As I have mentioned, they wanted attention and they got it so we let it be.

They could have done it in so many different ways. Maybe our upbringing was different so we see this as taboo. To me honestly what they did was wrong. But, I do not want to impose my ideas on them.

Sherkarl Kugan said...

Yes... again not being judgemental... its their choice of doing it different way. Yeah what they did was wrong... but again its their choice so what can we do abt it? Sex after marriage it can be lust... but not a sin because you are making love with your spouse unless you find a hooker la.

Anyways what would your advice be in this situation... either to prevent or not... whats your say?

vicknesharajan amarthalingam said...

Sin is only from a religious standpoint. Again, that is a question of morality. Religion is just a code of ethics. If I was an atheist, there is no sin for me except for things that are against the law. Marriage as well is something to show the community that look, she is my wife, I can have sex with her. There is nothing wrong for me with premarital sex if the people are in love. If they were just fuck buddies, for me personally, is not right. Still not a sin but against my personal principles.

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