Monday, July 23, 2012

Music These Days

I was driving back from the LRT station last week when for my radio was tuned in to one of the popular radio stations (I usually play CDs because I am too impatient due to the commercials). As I was listening, Flo-Rida decides to show up with his new song called whistle. As I was listening to the lyrics, it not take a genius to figure out that it was referring to fellatio (decent term for blow job, giving head, sucking, okay you get the picture right..) at that point of time I was wondering that music has come to that level.

I would not deny that there have been songs about sex and drugs have surfaced but to push it to the extreme is another thing. The worst part is that it is being played on radio. I mean call me old school or orthodox but come on, in a time when kids learn about sex on the Internet, you come up with a song about fellatio and expect people not to know?

Back in the day, any song with elements of drugs, sex and crime would not be on radio. You're free to make it but it came with parental advisory. I am huge, huge fan of Bone Thugs N Harmony and their songs back then were about street crime and drugs mainly marijuana. I started listening to them during my teens but by that age, I was old enough to tell between what's good and not. I enjoyed the music and their rap style but did not buy into the ideology. But again, their music was hard to get. It was never on the radio.

In the case of this Flo-Rida song, it is on the radio and to me is not right. Yes, I am all for civil rights, Liberalism and all that; so that makes it okay for anyone to say what they like and behave how they want. But common sense tells you that you need to be careful with what you say because not everyone is at the age to distinguish between right and wrong. So write responsibly.

Note: as a parent, I am now getting more sensitive towards the surroundings we are in. My son is almost 2 and operates an iPhone with ease. God knows what is he going to learn from songs and music videos which are being aired.

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