Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hero but Still a Zero

Okay, so we were having some drinks at Ming Chu in SK new town. Whence the shop closed, we decided to head to 7-11 a few doors down to have a night cap. Whilst we were there (having our "last kopek" a suspicious dude entered the store drunk and was indecisive on what he should buy.)

We were still outside enjoying our brew before we wanted to disperse, but the dude who was indecisive was still in the store browsing, that made us suspicious and we decided to stay a little while because this was the 7-11 that we frequented and did not want anything unwarranted to happen.

The suspicious dude was most definitely drunk and was walking around the whole store and could not decide what to get. The store personnel started to get restless.

We were monitoring his every activity and got worried. I walked in to the store and asked the personnel if everything was alright, they were rigid. I told them to call the police and until the police came, we will wait. Finally the “restless dude” picked up a bottle of stout and walked out but did not leave. He sat on the stairs of the 7-11 store and did not move

The dude who was suspicious ( a foreigner ) was still seated at the stairs (drunk) did not move. We were still skeptical to move as well. Finally the Police came.

Whence the Police came, guess what?! We were the first suspects! Now the real suspect was seated no further than 8 feet away from us, the cops asked us “buat apa di sini?” we said “tak ada apa Encik”, they were like persistent on what we were doing there….finally we said…look, go into the store and ask them what happened…in whispers we told them…we were the ones who advised to call you in the first place. The cops still insisted on us to get lost and to sit near a restaurant.

Now the predicament that we are in is that the dude that was suspicious looked like a local (I am not going to mention the race!) the first person for the Police to question did not look like a local (us, who are of “Indian Origin”).

We explained to the cops that we are the ones who advised the 7-11 staff to call the Police BUT the cops still chased us away and only after that went into the store to get the details.

We were not seated too far away to see what the cops would do to the original culprit. After getting the full story from the staff is when the cops reacted to the situation by asking the “suspicious character” to leave the scene.

My question is, why come for a local first before questioning the complainant on who the culprit is? Is this not stereotyping? I shall leave the rest for you to decide. Thank you for reading 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

From the Belly

Hello once again my ardent fans, or one or two of you....okay let's just be real...hello me...cuz it seems that i may the only one who reads my blog. Anyway, nothing much has happened since yesterday. Which brings me to the question; do bloggers blog everyday? I mean, i am no political blogger but those non political bloggers, do they actually blog everyday? What's so interesting to blog about? ah, nevermind...

speaking about political bloggers, there is so much to blog about Malaysian politics. I mean to those fans of Tamil dramas, I suggest you start paying attention to more Malaysian Politics. It is more interesting and the plot thickens every day. Imagine dramas like "Chitti", "Annamalai", etc are no match to our politics. Especially with Pakatan threatening to be the new government come September 16th.

At times i feel that our politics and politicians have become the laughing stock of other countries. It is blatantly obvious that the politicians are making a mockery of the people. Sometimes I feel that these politicians are thinking that the people of this blessed country are so stupid to realise their wrongdoings. They talk so much cock that you feel like screaming your lungs out, out of frustration.

I would love to blog more about politics people but i believe i need to stop here as i already feel nauseated speaking about the politics of this country. Maybe i will continue writing once i feel much better and less disgusted. Please do drop by and drop some comments too. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am Back to the Blog..blosgoss.....blogspere...blogospehere


i am back my dear minions. yes, Daddy is back with a new flavour. I have been dormant these past couple of years that i have gained a status of a comet; you know, "something you can see only in the next 5000 years" kinda status.

But yes, I am going to start blogging again. Be it about politics or a "pile of shit", you know I am back.

What got me started was my pal Vick (same name, different people. Apparently where i work, the name Vick, Vicknesh, Vicknes, Vickneswaran...etc, seems to be a common name and i blame my parents for naming me so...but i thank them for being creative just a little bit for naming me Vicknesharajan) reminded me that there are very few Indian Malaysian Bloggers, that i should continue to blog. I guess there is a point. But, i would like to stress that there are a handfull of Indian Malaysians who read as well.

Reading is such a difficult task in our community because we tend to keep ourselves occupied with movies, violence and shit like that. Now don't get me fuckin' wrong but this is the situation that i have observed. Whenever I talk about something 'Inteligent', my people shy away.

WHY? because, it does not concern them...but the fact is, it concerns all of us. We need to push for our people to move further, to reach beyond the reaches and to gain the success, rescpect dan lain-lain.

Bear in mind, that here i am not speaking only about Indian Malaysians but also the other races that make us Malaysian. We need to pick up something knowledgeable (and i don't mean all those entertainment magazines) so that we can grasp the reality and stop focusing on issues that are not beneficial.

I am clearly stepping out of the matter here and would like to stop. But i would be back with more comments on my rantings.

Till next time, this is your boy Vix (the Accidental blogger)