Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am Back to the Blog..blosgoss.....blogspere...blogospehere


i am back my dear minions. yes, Daddy is back with a new flavour. I have been dormant these past couple of years that i have gained a status of a comet; you know, "something you can see only in the next 5000 years" kinda status.

But yes, I am going to start blogging again. Be it about politics or a "pile of shit", you know I am back.

What got me started was my pal Vick (same name, different people. Apparently where i work, the name Vick, Vicknesh, Vicknes, Vickneswaran...etc, seems to be a common name and i blame my parents for naming me so...but i thank them for being creative just a little bit for naming me Vicknesharajan) reminded me that there are very few Indian Malaysian Bloggers, that i should continue to blog. I guess there is a point. But, i would like to stress that there are a handfull of Indian Malaysians who read as well.

Reading is such a difficult task in our community because we tend to keep ourselves occupied with movies, violence and shit like that. Now don't get me fuckin' wrong but this is the situation that i have observed. Whenever I talk about something 'Inteligent', my people shy away.

WHY? because, it does not concern them...but the fact is, it concerns all of us. We need to push for our people to move further, to reach beyond the reaches and to gain the success, rescpect dan lain-lain.

Bear in mind, that here i am not speaking only about Indian Malaysians but also the other races that make us Malaysian. We need to pick up something knowledgeable (and i don't mean all those entertainment magazines) so that we can grasp the reality and stop focusing on issues that are not beneficial.

I am clearly stepping out of the matter here and would like to stop. But i would be back with more comments on my rantings.

Till next time, this is your boy Vix (the Accidental blogger)

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vickn3s said...

masuk malliga poo la bro...haha..welcome to the blog-o-sphere man... seems like u are a super senior to me but just maintained low profile nah.. hats off to u man...keep up the good wrk and i think i got some reading material for me to kill my time today. u will b backlinked from my blog bro...same name dfren person, haha. good one..