Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Why I write

My blog has always been a platform for me to rant. I do get some amount of readers whom I am happy with because as long as I have some amount of readers, my message gets across at least to a handful. I do not demand that anyone agree to my views in fact I encourage discussion

**My article on Tamil movies drew some flak from even my family members namely my mother. She told me that the article was unfair because Indians enjoy songs in the film and they want a package when they watch a movie. I do agree and at the same time, I was not saying that songs should not be there as well. I support songs to be in an OST format. Have songs but it should not affect the continuity of the movie. My main point about Tamil movies is that some of the scenes defy logic and the viewers should not be taken for a ride. It doesn’t matter who watches the movie, people should be treated equally and not have their intelligence mocked. Movies, especially Tamil movies should serve as a medium to educate the people and to encourage people to think. Likewise, my writings are intended to encourage thought, discussion and even criticism. I am always ready to be stood corrected.

I want to make a difference through my writings. Whether I create a tsunami or whether I create a ripple in the water, it is still change; it is still an alteration of the status quo. I have started a page in facebook for my blog not to gain popularity but so that I can get a larger audience to share my view with. This is where I seek your favour to pass the word around about my blog. My blog will need some amount of advertising at the moment and if people like my writings, they will return and that would mean success and appreciation for me because people like my work and that is what every writer, artistes, entertainers, etc. would want; it serves as a gauge on how well they have done.

Having said the above, I would like to thank those of you who frequent my site. I track the activities on my site almost on a daily basis and would like to let you know if the returning visitor margin increases as per the image below, I would be one happy camper. At the moment, the new visits are topping the chart which is good but they need to stay and be converted to returning ones J that is my goal.

**Making movies is the prerogative of the film maker. They are free to make whatever movies but please no dodging a bullet with circus moves or 1 man facing a whole kampong of mad men prancing around with parangs! Those are so 1970s. Majulah filem untuk Negara… India.


Sherkarl said...

Boy... i agree!! Juz imagine for one song... so many outfit changes... adoi... and even.. bunch of unbelieving acts! Especially our captain uncle!!! hahaha

Jai said...