Monday, July 18, 2011

Projek Sayur!

An update on my personal project of becoming a farmer at home.

I have captured some pictures of my crops that have grown quite well over the week.

If you do not know what i am talking about, read the previous post, if you are as lazy as me to scroll down, then I shall brief you here. I started a small project planting vegetables for personal consumption. I have just started this for about a week now and u have no idea if it would bear any fruits at all. If it does, then everyone can be a farmer ;)

The progress the plants have made are not that much except for the okra where it has started to sprout new leaves and as for the brinjal and lettuce, they still look the same as last week. I am skeptical about the lettuce because it needs a colder climate and I do not exactly live in Camerons or Genting. Anyhow, I hope I succeed.

The next part will be to get rid of the other plants that are not growing very well. As you can see, there are many of each plant, ideally, there is only supposed to be one of each. Therefore, I have to wait to see which one of each plant grows the best and weed out the rest. It would be a painful process not for the plant but me because I have to choose the best and personally think all of them are heroes for making it this far!

Over the weekend as well, I decided to start on 2 other vegetables which are chilies and tomatoes. They have not started to germinate but I believe it would be soon. Based on my experience through my mom's endevour's planting chili and various other veggies, chili has a good chance of bearing fruit.

Chilies are important to me because my meals have to be spicy. Got chili, will eat!

As I mentioned before, I will keep you posted on the progress of my farming. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures below whilst I go play plants vs. Zombies which is one of the inspirations of this project. Zombies, stay away... I have a pet werewolf! Disclaimer: I do not know if werewolves will trash a zombie in a real fight!


Those weird stuff that you see in the pic is compost, a cheap way too. I use the leftover of the vegetable that I used to cook for example, onion/garlic skin, apple shavings, carrot shavings, etc. To make the compost. So there you go, you can recycle that too.

Them okra showing off their new leaves.

Them brinjals and lettuce think they are toys r us kids 'cause they don't want to grow up.

New addition to the family, chili (top) and tomatoes.

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