Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Good Laugh for the Weekend

This week I had to look for hooks to hang the picture frames for my new place and I had run out of those sophisticated hooks or I had lost them when moving because I am pretty sure I had some amount of surplus.

So anyway, I was too lazy (as usual) to drive to the hypermart next door to look for these stuff and also I decided to give business to the small business owners so that they can sustain their business, but unfortunately they did not have what I wanted (checked at least 2 stores).**

however, I had a good laugh reading the instructions that was printed on one of the items I found; to be specific I was looking for hooks that had steel nails on them but the ones I found were the ones with adhesives. Anyway, the instructions are available in the pictures below and I am not going to spoil the fun.

** please support your local small businesses. Big corporations come in and kill these businesses and simple people like you and me cannot make a living through businesses. Make the "the kedai runcit" next door your first priority before heading to a large supermart.

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