Monday, June 27, 2011

My weekend, yo!


Since I have this app for Blogspot, let me put it to good use.

It has been a good weekend although I have not achieved what I intended too such as putting up the picture frames in my new home or to actually do some cleaning and also to take my phone to a DiGi shop because my phone is acting up. Funny thing is, although I am hooked on gadgets, the gadgets just don't seem to last. Sounds like an irony doesn't it.

But anyway apart from the non achievements, I have to admit that I finally made it to one of my teams' "makan-makan". It was a good seafood joint in Klang and the price was reasonable. The only qualm I have is about the service; it took us 3 waiters before we could have our Chinese tea filled up and also to get some ice cubes. Otherwise, this joint seems quite okay. The place is called Bagan Seafood and it is situated quite deep into the estuary.

I believe GPS can get you there but not mine because I believe my GPS is racist and refused to take me to Tanjung Harapan but instead kept taking me to Tengku Kelana (where little India is) it felt as though the GPS was saying, "no, no Indian boy, this is where you belong! Your 'peoples' are here!"

But either way, it was a good weekend. Looking forward to the next to complete my chores!

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