Sunday, June 19, 2011

To cancel or not to know what... F it, just cancel.

So now we are going to block several websites under the banner of piracy of which some of the sites are bona fide file sharing sites.

The choice to ban piratesbay, fine, I can live with that, the name says it all; but again, that is censoring the Internet. Why have we become the moral police when it is the job of the producers of the software, movies, TV series to get in touch with these sites (mega upload and fileshare included) to remove the content due to infringement. I just read that RIM is happy for the move. Why wouldn't they be, less work for them.

To be very honest I am heavily against piracy of the local music industry because I was once part of it and till this date, I still buy original local albums.

However, by banning these sites, it does not solve the problem. Producers need to be proactive in removing the content. It is your share which is at stake, bloody work to secure it. You don't just sit there and watch your house get robbed now do you? Also, blocking these sites look like, nevermind the robbers, let's just focus on putting guards in front of the house and ignore the back alley (this analogy is based on the fact that proxy bypasses will still help you get to blocked sites)

So, now, by them banning all these file sharing sites, should I just cancel my broadband subscription because without any uploading and downloading of large files (forget about emails, they have a limit) I might as well go back to my dial up; as text and pictures don't require much bandwidth.

I am still wondering though, how come youtube wasn't blocked... I am pretty sure there are movies or series on YouTube (not that I have watched any, but hey, just go look for trailers of local movies, and you'll know what i mean). But you know what, you can't ban you tube... Where would you upload semi porn videos then?!

Having said all of the above, brings me to the next big question, "when is the next general election again"?

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