Monday, August 08, 2011

Farming is my middle name

First of all let me apologize for the late post! Come to think of it, I may be very well apologizing to my self!

I was busy watching my new pet robot clean the house, no it is not like the robot that you remember from the cartoon Jetsons but more of a combination of those toys you see in pasar malam where They bounce off a barrier and move in the opposite direction and a vacuum cleaner. I am talking about the picabot. It vacuums the floor on its own and also sanitizers the place with a laser gun :p I lied, it is a UV light. Although I may understand its coding algorithm isn't that great, but anything with the name 'bot (robot) in it is cool!

Anyway, back to the perishables, so, the okra has grown taller, the brinjal has made some amount of progress and the lettuce does not look like it is going to survive. However, the chili and tomato is looking pretty good. Might be because I am using separate pots for these plants.

With the brinjal and lettuce, I had to get rid of some of them to make sure I only have the best plant. This is done so that the plants get enough nutrients. It was a difficult process because as i have mentioned in my previous post, I believe that if any plant made it that far, then they are heroes. If had more pots, chances are I would have planted more of the same plant.

Anyway, I shall leave you with the pictures.

The okra, tallest in the class.

Brinjal, creeping on a come up!

Lettuce - I'd be surprised if it makes it.

And the heroes for the week:



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