Monday, September 05, 2011

Movie Review: Mankatha (Tamil)

Just watched the movie and I decided to share my two cents about it.

Mankatha has a star studded cast comprising of Ajith, Arjun, Trisha, Vaibhav Reddy, Premjiamaren, Akash Aravind, Laxmi Rai and the list goes on.

I am a big fan of director Venkat Prabhu especially after the movies Saroja and Goa. He brings fresh movies to the Tamil silver screen and never fails to make you laugh till your stomach hurts.

Having said the above, I would give Mankatha a 2 out of 5. I was not impressed with this movie because it was too long, too many irrelevant scenes and songs, irrelevant characters and some plot holes.

I did enjoy the comedy in the movie and maybe the technical aspects of it but for the most of it, it looked like a Masala film. It was more of an Ajith film than a Venkat Prabhu film which I guess I had a problem with.

I do not deny the fact that the movie is a leap forward for Tamil films but it just did not impress me as much. Director Venkat Prabhu should stick to the usual comedy genre. He does very well there. I will also not deny the fact that I will watch Mankatha again for the comedy.

I have to admit that I made sure I watched this movie in the cinema because it was by Venkat Prabhu but when the movie progressed into the first 30 mins or so, I felt it was going to be a drag.

Also, Ajith should have lost some weight because his belly shows! Not a pleasing sight! But, if you look at him from belly up, he does carry the role very well and Looks stylish.

On a lighter note, it was good to see some fresh faces in the movie especially Mahat Raghavendra and Ashwin Kakumanu. They carried themselves very well in the movie.

I am not going to discuss the plot of the movie because I would say watch the movie buts do not set your expectations too high. If you are a Masala maniac, then this film is for you!dyt

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