Monday, September 12, 2011

My son called me Appa - for the first time!

I rarely blog about my family life because I think some things are best kept personal. This time however, I could not resist because my son called me Appa (dad, in Tamil) for the first time and he is 10 months old.

All this while he would make sounds that sound like Appa but I used to shrug it off as coincidence because he does not say it to me and I thought it was babbling.

Today however, he looked at me and went Appa, Appa, Appa, and was crawling towards me. He did this few times today so it is no coincidence!

For me to blog about this which to some may seem insignificant, means that I was really touched and moved with what I heard and saw.

That superman in the picture is my son and he is named Siddharthavarman Vicknesharajan. A mouthful, huh! Yeah he has a super long name! When he fills out forms, in the name section, they're going to tell him that the column is for the name and not the address.

A truly exciting moment for me today when my son called me Appa!

People with kids, you may understand what I am saying!

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Thanoojaa said... sweet..indeed a special moment!

CT said...

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