Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiz: explain the science

Okay, I have a question. To you science buffs out there; please explain the scenario below.

I have a couple of decorative pieces in my house that is made of a crystal with some salt (I don't know what salts) and a copper statue.

I placed the both next to each other over a cloth material (table runner) which is I think some sort of polyester.

What is happening now is that the copper statue is accumulating salt at its base and the table runner it producing some sort of liquid which I doubt is water.

I believe that there is some sort of electrolysis process going on because there is ungrounded current flowing from one of my appliances.

Let me explain the set up.

My TV cabinet:


1. TV
2. ASTRO decoder
3. DVD player

One of these appliances are leaking current because they are not grounded properly. When I place a crystal with salt on it together with copper, there is an electrolysis process happening which produces "liquid" due to the moisture in the air and the copper statue has some salty looking residue on its base.

I may be wrong. I wish I could get my hand on a litmus paper to check the liquid that is being produced.

Do you guys have any explanations for me?

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