Monday, September 26, 2011

Sexy = My Blog

Before I move on with the article, I realized that writing sexy with lower case is much more sexier than writing sexy with uppercase; writing sexy with uppercase simply makes the word SEXY look like an acronym for something e.g. Super Easy Xylophone Yodeling (I don't know what it means... Be creative)

Okay, back to the subject matter. So yes, my blog is now sexier because it had got a facelift. I did not design the template, it is a rip off from blogger. I have not found the time to design for my blog yet but I am pretty sure I will do it before the world ends. Note: my mother always says that "procrastination is the thief of time" no worries, I have nothing valuable on me. Take what you can ;)

I certify that my blog is sexy due to 2 criteria:

1. I do not believe that there are any bodies out there to give a sexy certification for blogs.

2. Only I out of the other 5 readers I have think that my blog is sexy.

Talking about people who frequent my blog, I realized through google analytics that I have a reader from California, US of A who has visited my blog several times. I used to think that the Reader was lost or accidentally switched the browser default page to my site. Only today I found out that the reader from Cali is my wife's friend. Which is of course a good thing because at least I am convinced that my content is palatable. And to my wife's friend, you know who you are ;) thank you!

I started this blog some 6 years ago for the fun of it and later used it to keep track of things that I do on a personal level. It is only lately that I decided to make this blog more public to explore my capabilities as a writer. If all goes well, I might even invest in my own domain. This really depends on you guys out there to spread the word and the love.

If you have recommended your friend to this blog, I thank you in abundance!


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