Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AtoS Amazing Race and Annual Dinner and Dance 2011

The last weekend was a hectic yet enjoyable one. On Saturday my workplace organized our annual dinner and dance and also a team building session in the day time. This time the event was special because it was organized by the department I work for and we had to make it a success and I believe the team that worked on it had indeed did a good job. I was not part of the committee so at this point I am a non-partisan although I work for the department.

The amazing race/explore race was done a’ la the Amazing Race aired on AXN except it was in a very much smaller scale and did not involve having to travel half way across the world but in contrast it was had within the city center in KL where the distance was no more than 5KM in radius. The clues that preceded the race had already begun to be shared weeks ahead of the race.

The event was organized in a way where it was made to sound very mysterious, philosophical and takes some amount of role play. If you are a fan of non-video game RPGs then you would indeed enjoy this. The different teams were named “councils” who would receive “tell tale signs” or clues from “The Tribunal” or organizers which would be used for “The Awakening” or in lay man’s terms the treasure hunt.

This is the picture of my team that we had used for the race. This is what we call our flag.

Throughout the race, we had captured (and were required to capture) pictures of situations depicting love, unity, friendship, etc. I have attached some of the pictures below for your viewing.

The winners for the race received and iPAD each which is a very good deal in fact! Our team did not win but overall it was a good time spent despite being totally drained after the race. After the race we prepared for the dinner and the dinner itself was indeed good as this is the time where we get to mingle with the likes of everyone; top management, subordinates and peers. It is also fun because there is beer and you can drink till you drop but that would not be too nice would it especially when you’re with your bosses and they would probably know why are you on MC most of the time :D

Here are some of the pictures from the race.

This picture symbolizes a "survivor" and it was one of tasks to capture pictures symbolizing survival, love, Unity, etc.

This one symbolizes "friendship".

And this one symbolizes love. This is one of my favorites and it was taken in Petaling Street. I suggest one day take a stroll down Petalig Street and you will find amazing stuff which you may not be able to buy.

A picture of my team members in a taxi that we took to beat the rest :p

And this is your's truly dressed up for the dinner. The dinner was themed masquerade by the way.

Note: The race took me to Petaling Street of which is a place that I seldom go and this time it showed me a different side to it especially the environment and some of the hidden “secrets” which I never realized. I would like to thank the organizers for this event!

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