Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, I was ordered by the home ministry to was the bathroom in preparation for deepavali and me being me, I wanted to impress my wife with the sparkling clean sink and toilet bowl, used bleach and another detergent.

After some time, I started to feel dizzy and I suspected something amiss and my first thought was I had created some hazardous gas which most likely will be chlorine due to the bleach.

I googled it up and one of the articles mentioned do not use bleach and ammonia together or one after the other. Went back to the other detergent and checked, true enough that it had ammonia. However i rinsed the toilet off the detergent before using the bleach.

Being my paranoid self, I had to get myself checked by a doctor so I drove myself to the clinic. The doctor there was less than friendly looking, he was more like "here comes another idiot". Told the doctor about my escapade and he less than interested took his stethoscope and started checking my breathing. He started with my chest and surprisingly he listened to my belly.

He said, I have gas! So I went to the clinic to see if I had been poisoned by some gas but instead get diagnosed FOR gas!

I ended up coming back with anti biotic (I do not know what the hell for), medicine for drowsiness and medicine for gastritis!

I got diagnosed for something I did not go for and meds that I don't need. FML!

Note: I did however get a picture in the clinic which tickled me a little. The sign below says pap smear and then says females only... Right, I wonder which male would like to have a pap smear done on his cervix!

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