Tuesday, January 03, 2012

iPhone vs. Android

My blog has been void of any reading material lately and has only been updated with pictures from Instagram as I do not want the blog to look idle. So I have decided to write this article about my decision on why I chose an iPhone over a phone running on other operating systems namely Android. I chose this topic because it is what comes to mind at the moment. I will promise to keep it short :D

It all goes back to when…. I was using a regular phone (a Sony Ericsson W810i) when I saw the boom of the iPhone 3; everybody was using it and there was so much hype about it and how you could swipe across the screen and use two fingers to enlarge pictures and a whole lot of other fingering! I dismissed those features as not interesting and basically just marketing gimmicks but the actual reason was because I did not have one. I was so sick of the people who owned an iPhone who were showing off and started to condemn iPhones. I swore I would never get an iPhone and laughed at the people who had one. I was in the intention of changing my phone when the smartphone revolution kicked in but I did not want an iPhone.

A colleague of mine was using an HTC Touch (I believe) running on Windows Mobile and it could do almost everything an iPhone could so I decided to get a Windows Mobile phone too to shut the iPhone users up. I finally ended up buying an HTC touch pro which cost a bomb! I was quite content with the phone until it started to act up because as we all know, Microsoft is infamous for their fuck ups in the OS. The problems were so bad that it was interfering with my ability to pick up calls. It would hang, not ring or also crash altogether when I receive or make a call. This totally makes the phone useless other than for a paperweight which is what it is now!

I bore the pain for 2 years using that phone and finally braced myself and got an iPhone 4. Yes, I had to face the guys who already owned an iPhone who I laughed at and yes, they did get the last laugh but it was worth it because I do not regret my purchase of the iPhone because it does what I want it to do. I can check my emails and open the attachments with no problems and view it as it should, and also it is very flexible and it is an excellent gaming platform.

The question however is why not an Android phone? To be very honest, I like, indeed I love the Android OS because it is open source and it is by Google. The phones that ran on Android i.e. Samsung, Sony Ericsson and HTC were infact my succubae but I could not succumb to it because just like Windows Mobile, it was too customizable which reminded me of my previous phone and I hated it so much that I did not want a phone that is too customizable which ruins the very fundamental usage of a phone; to answer calls!

iPhones are very customizable too when jail broken, so that is a reason why I did not jail break my phone and I do indeed pay for apps and games. It is a small fee for some fun and work but the cost is negligible. Although I know that I am being ripped off by Apple, I do also know at the same time, the people who have developed the app, gets paid as well so that offsets the feeling of being screwed good and proper.

I am still tempted to get an Android device but I would be kicked by the home ministry (wife) for changing an expensive phone. I may get a tablet running on Android if I have a surplus of cash; care to donate to my blog? :D


Chilloz said...

N9 Running on MeeGo 1.2 Platform :) I'm on to it soon

Sell Old Electronics said...

Whats cool about Android devices is that they do not need jailbreaks, you just have to wait for upgrades of your device and you can have apps similar to Apple apps.
You just need to weigh your needs, to be satisfied. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha.... I was like you too. Used to hate iPhone users. But now i own one :-p