Friday, January 13, 2012

My 2 Cents on the whole Anwar Acquittal Saga

So Anwar is now a free man and has been acquitted of sodomy which is good news because in my opinion the whole case should have been thrown out in the first instance as there were a lot of inconsistencies. There was no solid information to corroborate the claims. There were however so called evidence in the form of DNA of which were in pristine condition despite being handled wrongly and stored incorrectly that could have resulted in contamination.

I am not going to go on talking about the technicalities involved in the case because the news were in the papers and you can be the judge. Likewise, my writings here are of my own opinion and conclusion as a layman and I am no liar *cough* lawyer by the way. Anwar could be guilty or Anwar could not be guilty but all of it depends on the burden of proof in the court of law. If there is a reasonable doubt, the accused should be set free because the situation is still debatable and there is no concrete evidence to substantiate the claims (however, I do stand to be corrected as I am merely a layman and not someone with vast legal knowledge, so I do welcome comments from the more learned ones)

Anwar was released on the 9th of January and the judgment was delivered in 3 minutes. Apparently it shocked everyone; even the opposition. Honestly, I think it was pretty obvious because the police had allowed for the 901 rally to take place and that too nearby the vicinity of the court complex. Now, there may be disputes saying that, that is not where we wanted to have the rally. Guys, think about it, they gave you the car park near the court complex and not the stadium in Shah Alam or something to that extent. It seemed to me that they knew what was coming and deep down inside, I really feel that Pakatan knew about this as well.

Now there are statements being given that the whole judiciary is independent and free from any influences. Yes, you are right. So why state the obvious? Is it not supposed to be free and independent? Why tell that it is independent unless it is not? This raises more questions than trying to prove that the judiciary is independent. In my honest opinion, that statement should not have been made. Yes, I do agree that the opposition have been making claims that the judiciary is otherwise but with statements like these, you’re only making people ask the question, “eh, you mean it was not independent all these while, ah?!” so, you have managed to create some amount of doubt even with the fence sitters.

As for Anwar and co, what now? The ceramahs before the verdict were fiery and filled with promises but are you going to deliver? What else can you show us, or is that it? 901was about justice and justice has been served. The 901 rally and pre-verdict ceramahs were not about Anwar and I did not say this, Pakatan did. The only good thing that has happened so far is that the CM of Penang and the Exco have declared their assets; Selangor and the rest of the PR states, bila lagi? This is my personal challenge to Pakatan as a Malaysian. Please prove yourselves worthy and not just be content with this “win”. The onus is on you to prove that we the rakyat will be voting the right people in.


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