Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seriously, What The F*** is Wrong with BN?

I just read this article here regarding the comics that have been shared with teachers during a briefing titled “Wacana Transformasi Minda” purportedly conducted by the state education department and find it absolutely disgusting that the ruling government has stooped so low to discredit the opposition.

I seriously question their method and wonder if they think that the people are downright stupid to actually be influenced by such comics. If people are actually influenced by such childish and cheap humour, then they deserve the corruption, mismanagement of funds and the other atrocities that are being dished out by BN. I just hope that the fence sitters can decide through this method of begging for votes, they see how and what kind of governance they will receive from BN.

I have been writing time and time again that we need real reforms. Our lawmakers need to start talking about real issues; about the well being of the people and not engage in gutter politics.

What I have just read here is the straw that broke the camels back. I know from here that I as a rakyat, will not benefit in any way another single day under the BN rule. I have lost all hope. I personally believed that the opposition will only be able to take over the government in the 14th general election but I believe it could be sooner now and I pray very hard that it should be sooner.

Just take a look at some of the pages of the comic in the article above, I am just lost for words, cheap.....CHEAP is all I can say. In fact I feel my lunch is about to be spewed across my wall from my gut.

Is this the best BN can do to discredit the opposition? Well, you know they have exhausted all avenues.

Right now, all these shenanigans only strengthens my support for ABU.

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