Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fast and Furious 7

So I managed to watch FF7 last week and I must say that despite it being the 7th installation of the film, it still does impress (in a leave your brain at home and don't think too much kinda way)

Honestly for me, I watched the movie for Paul Walker. After FF6 and how I saw them bring down a big ass plane on an ultra long runway, I never thought I would take Fast and Furious seriously anymore. But as I said, I watched it for Paul Walker.

Apart from Paul, the movie was action packed with amazing stunts and you need some kinda wild imagination to come up with that. And that is where enter James Wan, the director for FF7. Now, James is a Malaysian born Australian director. I have been a fan of his work since the first Saw movie. That was some good shit and The Conjuring was some pretty impressive stuff.

What disappointed me about FF7 is that James having his roots in Malaysia, I think Jimmy has been watching too many Tamil (especially Vijaykanth) movies. Some scenes were just too much to bear for me. I am not going to give away any of the scenes. Just go watch it for yourself if you're into this kinda wild action flicks.

It is good that in the movie, a tribute was paid to Paul Walker and I must admit, my eyes sweated a little... Or I had Ninjas cutting onions next to me. Overall, despite the movie having most or almost all the scenes depending on absolute 1 in a million coincidences to save each character, I would say, yeah go watch it in the theatre just for Paul Walker's sake.

Overall, 6/10 rating for me. Just for Paul!

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