Monday, August 29, 2011


So, my wife told me that my vege mon stories are rather dry which is something I have to agree with because not many people like gardening and science ;)

In view of this, this blogpost will be something other than gardening. The problem I have is that I am at the moment "Kering Idea" the only thing that I can think is the hash tag that I started in Twitter where I am the only contributor. It is called #ITwtf . The reason I named it so is because of the blunders that we all do on a daily basis when it comes to computers or the general usage of IT.

I am from the IT industry and I have made mistakes that would make me think "what the flying fuck did I just do?"

We think machines are complicated but in reality, they are not; we just fail to read the bloody manual and this is ever prevalent especially in the male of the species!

Men and manuals are like two opposite sides of the spectrum, they can never meet! But trust me, it does a whole lot of good to read the damn manual because you will be surprised to find that you were doing it wrong all the time. /me thinks: do women come with manuals?

Anyway, #ITwtf is not only limited to me. If you have an IT blunder that you did or someone else did, please post it in twitter under this hash tag.

I would love to post all the posts under that hash tag but I will save it for another day when there is something that was contributed to it from anyone but me.

Bear in mind that IT "experts" make the silliest mistakes like clicking Shift+delete only to realize that they deleted the wrong bloody file and it cannot be brought back to life!

So please, you and I are not spared from stupidity!

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Kommyz said...

:) Wouldn't want you to stop on the gardening though.. Still need some homegrown chilis... :) By the way, you may want to watch the language as your son would probably be reading this sooner than you think.

Note:No, we don't come with a user manual... Be creative!!@##