Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tamil Nasyid

There was this video shared by one of the people I follow on Twitter (@bmahendran) where you have 4 Malay chaps singing a religious song in perfect harmony.

Not only was the harmony perfect but the pronunciation as well. Now, Tamil is not an easy language to master because of the following reasons:

1. Pronunciation
2. Grammar
3. It is just too complicated

These boys who sang a whole song in Tamil have to be saluted because it is not their mother tongue and they actually took the time and pain to learn the pronunciation. Even my pronunciation isn't that great and Tamil being my mother tongue.

The reason why I am so amazed is because and especially of their pronunciation of the character "zha" which is pronounced "Ra" with your tongue touching your palate. See it is even complicating to explain the process. However, these boys do it with ease!

Non of our local Tamil guys have attempted to do what these boys have done.
Disclaimer: I have not heard local Tamil harmonized singing before so may be wrong and stand to be corrected

P.s. This reminds me of Boys to Men. Good R&B music. One reference would be colours of love by Boys to Men.

I now leave you with the video:

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