Friday, September 16, 2011


Yes, I hate T-Pain these days because now everybody and their grandmothers are using auto-tune. It was nice in the beginning when T-Pain was using it but now it is just plain annoying and worse when the mofo who is singing has a terrible voice and tries to compensate the atrocity by using auto tune.

Some may argue with me “but, Vick it was Cher who used auto tune first…” I agree, but when she did it, you did not have a bunch of other idiots doing it. Auto tune is over-rated; you even have those T-Pain apps for iPhone where you can sing to it and it will auto tune your voice. I admit, I have used it too just for the kicks J

I have to also admit that my rap group (SPR) has used it as well and I think this time around, I would advise them against it (I did not use it on my voice, but one of my group mate sings well so the auto tune did not turn out bad J). Enough is enough! The reason I do not sing is because I can’t and I do not want to use a tool to make me sound good which I believe it doesn’t as well you only end up sounding worse than when you started.

Auto tune has even invaded the Tamil music scene both locally and in India. You have Bollywood songs that are heavily auto tuned so much so the actual voice of the singer is overwhelmed by a digitized sound. Local Tamil rap has now gone mental over the usage of auto tune; almost every song I hear on THR has been auto tuned. Come on guys, you are better than that, stop auto tune. Leave it to T-Pain.

On a good note, I know that my all time favorite cum my idols, Bone Thugs N harmony are against auto tune and so is Jay-Z. Jay-Z did a song called D.O.A or Death of Auto Tune and Bone Thugs remade the song (but paid tribute to Jay Z) and stated that they are against auto tune and urging people to be more creative and also stressing the message to the extent to say if you can’t sing, don’t!

I have posted both the videos of Bone Thugs and Jay Z below for your viewing pleasure.

T-Pain, I still hate you!

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