Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautiful #Penang (Pictures) - Pt 2 - Kek Lok Si Day and Night Shots

Now presenting you with the second part of my CNY holiday in my hometown of Penang. If you missed the first part, find it HERE.

The second day of my le tour de Penang took me to Air Itam where the famous Kek Lok Si or also commonly known as Pagoda is. I remember going there as a kid when they were doing some renovations and it looked huge. Now when I visited it again, it still looks huge *troll face*.

My wife and I went in the evening and I was a little bit disappointed because I was under the impression that it would be closing soon but I was far from correct. It was Chinese New Year season and the temple is opened till late. I got some wonderful day and night shots. The night shots especially are my favourite and I have shared them below.

All pictures have been shot using a Nikon D3000 (aku amateur lah, DSLR entry level pun jadi). The night shots were also taken without a tripod so, kalau nampak shaken sikit...sorry ya :D

Please click the pictures for a bigger view.

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Kek Lok Si as seen from Ayer Itam town

The pathway filled with shops right up to the temple

Ayer Itam town - Taken from the temple


A view of Georgetown from the temple

I have no idea if these were for sale!

The Pagoda - The whole temple was decorated with Tang Longs

The Buddha

Lower Temple

The Intricate Design of the Roof

More Tang Longs

Towards Dusk

I Had to Get a Shot of the Joss Sticks

Part of the Temple

I Like This Shot

I Love Taking Shots Like This

Can Someone Educate Me on the Three Buddhas

Kek Lok Si at Night - Apparently there are 10 000 Lights

Portrait Mode

More Night Shots

This Way Please

Remember the Lower Temple - This is How it is at Night

Another View

Tang Longs Lined Up

Mini Pagoda

Why Not?!

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