Saturday, February 11, 2012

KFC - The Chicken Saga

I was really contemplating whether to write this article or not then I thought harder and decided to write it anyway but to keep this short and simple. This article is merely based on my own opinions and is not intended to influence anyone.

The reason why I chose to write the article is because from now until the general elections, I am going to be critical of Pakatan Rakyat. Most of my articles have been critical of them because I have admitted that I will vote for them and do not want to feel like I made a mistake when I have already voted.

Moving on to the subject, the video shows the customer getting assaulted by the KFC workers but we do not exactly know what transpired before the incidents. We are hearing only one side of the story so far and really, this should have been a non issue. The only reason why I am writing this is because it got politicized and that too by one of the PR parties.

First of all, the victim should have lodged a police report regardless of evidence. If your house gets robbed and you do not have a CCTV to prove that things were stolen, do you just avoid making a police report because you cannot prove it fearing that the police may say that you broke into your own house and are making up stories for the fun of it? That is how the scenario looks like to me. It does not matter if the police tells you that don't make a report because we're 1Malaysia or whatever. If you believe you have been violated, you have the right to make a report and you cannot be denied that right.

DAP should not have gotten involved in the matter. If the victim came to them, they should have just helped the victim make a police report and be hush, hush about it instead of calling for a press conference and that too in Mandarin which even for me was irritating because I cannot understand. Speak lah in Bahasa Malaysia (it annoys me when Malaysians who were born and bred here cannot speak the National Language); at least others can comprehend. I know the victim has mentioned that this is not a racial issue but a customer service issue but it should have been done in a smarter way because now the case has brought even more undue attention. However, I do respect the fact that the victim has called to not make this a racial issue.

I honestly wish this will be settled amicably and I really feel DAP should distance itself from now and if they would like to honestly help, do it in the background and shut up about it. As a voter, I really want to see the party that I am voting into as a fair and non biased party.


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